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Leisure tips around the Repetal and Attendorn

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In the Repetal and around Attendorn there are numerous hiking trails that lead through beautiful nature and past small picturesque villages. Along the way you will always find sights and beautiful views that invite you to linger and rest.


Circular trail lower Repetal

From our hotel in Niederhelden you can hike through the valley of the river Repetal. You will get to know the villages Silbecke and Borghausen and enjoy beautiful views over the Lenne valley and the mountains of the Sauerland. Along the way you will also discover the last remains of the former high castle Peperburg, of which unfortunately only the remains of the walls are left today.

Route length: just under 14 km

Duration: approx. 3 hours and 30 minutes

Level of difficulty: medium

Further information:

> Lower Repetal circular hiking trail



Bigge-Lister hiking trail

Another very beautiful circular trail is the Bigge-Lister-Wanderweg, which leads through the beautiful nature around the Biggesee and Listersee. Enjoy magnificent views of the lake landscape at the foot of the Ebbegebirge and wonderful nature. Due to its length, this circular hiking trail is best hiked over several days or you can hike selected sections.

Route length: 46 km

Duration: approx. 13 hours

Level of difficulty: difficult

Further information:

> Bigge-Lister hiking trail



Bigge-Lister hiking trail (northern route)

If this circular route is too long for you, you can also choose the shorter northern route. It leads from the Bigge dam past numerous sights, such as the Biggeblick viewing platform or the Waldenburg castle ruins.

Route length: 20 km

Duration: approx. 5 hours and 30 minutes

Level of difficulty: medium

Further information:

> North route


Repetal cycle route

The Repetal cycle route is a 20 km long circular route that leads from Niederhelden through beautiful nature and past charming little half-timbered villages. Along the way you will find designated sights and enjoy the varied, hilly landscape. A small highlight of the tour is the game reserve near Berlinghausen with a herd of fallow deer.

Route length: 20 km

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Level of difficulty: medium

Further information:

> Repetal cycle route

Round trip Biggesee Listersee

If you're looking to cool off in summer, the Biggesee and Listersee lakes are the place to be. On a round trip you drive along the shore with a beautiful view of the lake. On the way there are always bathing possibilities, which invite you to a stopover.

Route length: 36 km

Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Level of difficulty: medium

Further information:

> Biggesee-Listersee


The Repetal, the Biggesee and the surrounding area are wonderful to explore on extended motorcycle tours. Especially the serpentine roads behind Attendorn are fun on a tour around the reservoirs. Again and again you will experience scenic tour sections and find places to stop for refreshments and sights that are ideal for a stopover.

Our offer for motorcyclists fits perfectly to this:

> Learn more here

Experience culture

Atta Cave

As a guest of our house you should definitely take time for an excursion to the Atta Cave. The cave in Attendorn is considered one of the largest and most beautiful show caves in Germany. During a 40-minute guided tour you will discover an impressive labyrinth of stalactites and stalagmites, 1,800 metres long.

> to the Atta Cave



South Sauerland Museum

The art and cultural history museum in Attendorn shows the history of the town of Attendorn and the region in its permanent exhibition on 11 themed islands. The whole is supplemented by exciting and interesting special exhibitions.

> to the Südsauerlandmuseum



Summer of Culture Attendorn

In the past years the Attendorn Summer of Culture has developed into an indispensable highlight during the warm months. Live performances by bands and comedians take place at various venues such as Schnellenberg Castle or the town hall forecourt. Tickets are only available online and in advance:

> to tickets


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